Thursday, December 11, 2008

letting go

A big part of the walk of faith for us is to let go. Letting go of those things that have bound us for so long is not easy. I'd like to say that we let go to grab on to something better, and while I believe that is no doubt true, it just doesn't always seem that one is doing that in the process.

Process is an important word here, as well, by the way. Because we are prone to want to find our way out through a big experience or a tremendous over night breakthrough. But really letting go and learning to walk in a new way in holding on to something else, to God's hand and promises takes time.

Even though I would stress process, I do believe in breakthrough. Maybe more like breakthroughs. I think Abraham's life is a case in point. God led him along the way to grow and see breakthroughs, but perhaps the biggest breakthrough of all came when God tested him concerning his son Isaac. But for that breakthrough to occur, smaller breakthroughs needed to have preceded, such as leaving his country, at last leaving his kindred, believing God's word about his descendants though he still had no son, obeying God's command of circumcision, interceding for Lot and his family, believing God's promise of Isaac's birth, trusting God in his promise to care for Ishmael his son when they were sent away.

God works in ways we little realize or perceive. Though it is good to look back to where we were, how we've progressed, and where we are now. For me most of the time, it's more like I know louder and clearer what God wants and is surely working to see done in my life.

Letting go is scary, because for so long we've held on to something which actually bound us, but we believed it was important, somehow, for us. But to let go because of God's promises in Christ, sets us on a path of true freedom and in finding what is better, what is best.

What would you like to add to these thoughts on letting go?


Anonymous said...

this kind of reminds me of a small child who is learing to walk, letting go of what he is holding onto to walk into the arms of his father.

Crowm said...

Good post Ted. I think the older we get, the harder it is to let go. In other words, because we have a fear of the unknown (letting go), we would rather rely on ourselves. I can't tell you how long it took to convince my grandmother to give up the car keys.

We really like CONTROL. And true peace and victory only happens when we become dependent.

Dave J. said...

One of the greatest testimonies I've heard was at RCC. A young lady (friend of then pastor Paul), told the story of deciding to have her arm amputated. She struggled mightily to keep it, but when she finally gave up control and accepted the amputation, a spiritual floodgate opened.

Beautiful Intellectual said...

leave my church & move to my parents home for work purposes. Its such a wrench but I know that its also the right next step on my journey for work, and I have such peace about the decision that I know God has his hand over it. This post was a real encouragement; thankyou

Ted M. Gossard said...

Yes. I do believe God withdraws the sense of his help and presence sometimes to help us progress. That may sound contradictory- part of that sense of withdrawal is testing too, as we see in Scripture. But what God is doing in his children (really, beyond us) involves helping them grow up in ways of not depending so much all the time, in a strong sense of his presence. And yet in that life, coming to know God and God's presence in a new way. Much deeper and in all of life. I have a faint glimpse I think of this, and something God has been working in me to be toward, over the years, I think.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Thanks. Excellent point. Dependent on God and interdependent on each other in Jesus.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Dave J.,
Wish I could have been there to hear that, but that must have been before Deb and I came. But great story. What a great loss, but what a greater gain!

Ted M. Gossard said...

Beautiful Intellectual,
Thanks for reading and commenting and for your encouragement. Glad you were encouraged by the post about your recent move. Life is a journey, and we need to keep moving on, which means change. Change of course is not comfortable, often, but it's important if we're to grow and go on toward conformity to Christ.