Tuesday, April 07, 2009

being misunderstood

Due to a number of factors, it is quite easy and ends up being a part of life in this world to be misunderstood. And indeed we don't always understand our own full intentions. We may think we're pure and right, when actually we are not entirely so. Though by grace, I believe as a gift we can have good motives in what we do and say.

Usually the grief we receive is not without some grounds, even if given in an uncharitable, ungracious and skewed perspective. In the end we must give all over to God. God alone really knows our hearts, and we must ask him to search us. We must be open and aware as to how both Scripturally and in comparison to Jesus we do fall short.

Grace is so important, and if we want grace to be applied to ourselves, then we need to seek to apply it to others. Sometimes I just need to "step back" and pray over a matter, and give it some time.

Do you have some insights to share with us on this? Or anything you might like to add.


Anonymous said...

i is hard to be misunderstood.
you give good advice in step back and pray. not always easy to do in the heat of a moment. however, i guess that through prayer we open ourself up to help ...and maybe some understanding of the situation...from the Lord where He sees that it is needed.

i can see why we are told to pray without ceasing...pray in everything...

Ted M. Gossard said...

Amen. All good points!