Wednesday, April 08, 2009

regular rest

God made us to rest regularly. When I, for whatever reason don't get sufficient rest, it is sometimes an effort just to get through an entire day. Such was the case yesterday. I was up too late and didn't get enough sleep the night before. And the work was challenging enough. So when I got home, besides visiting with Deb, I mostly just crashed.

There are those times every day when we need our rest. But this rest as in physical sleep, surely has a correspondence to a spiritual rest as well. We need that time of special rest in God, however we may carry that out. For some, especially for evangelicals (my tradition) it means a daily "quiet time", or "devotions". I don't really do that myself, as far as having one special time each morning or evening or whenever. I choose to have it throughout the day, seeking to get in the word, and be in prayer throughout the day. Though when I finally get my own copy of a prayer book, I intend to use that daily, though how I'll work that into my routine I don't know, yet.

Both for our physical and spiritual strength, we need those special times of rest. I look forward to breaks and lunch at work. And I look forward to attempting to draw near to God in the word and in prayers.

And Deb and I look forward, hopefully in an opportunity in May, to go to a Benedictine retreat for a day, primarily of silence.

How do you look at "rest", and would you like to share any practices you do, and thoughts, which could help us?

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