Thursday, April 23, 2009

the problem of evil - a comment from yesterday's post

Yesterday, I touched on "the problem of evil." As one of my commenters, ESI pointed out, the heart of the solution is in Jesus. Here are his words, well spoken:
I think theodicy is about the "justification of God"...and the problem of evil is one of the great philosophical challenges. But here's what God has done in the realm of theodicy - He sent His own Son, the only Blameless One, crucified for the sins of those who rebelled against Him. The greatest "injustice" is the cross of Jesus Christ. God's answer to the problem of evil is self sacrificing love.


Anonymous said...

esi often makes very good points, well spoken.

Every Square Inch said...

Ted - I'm honored. thanks for your kind words...and yours too, nAncY