Monday, June 22, 2009

faith trusts

An important part of faith is to be willing to move into a situation when we know in ourselves that we aren't ready. There are times when I have a sense of readiness from God, or assurance that this next step we're taking is going to meet with God's blessing. But often the walk of faith involves doing what we believe we're called to do, even when we know that in ourselves we are not up to that calling and duty, or doing.

Yesterday was a busy day for us. Doing a number of things that needed to be done, and then in the afternoon, heading out to the nursing home to sing some songs together, and give a message from God's word. Deb and I prayed, and she had prayed before we left the house, as well. When the time came we got out of the car, and at that moment I did so as a, "Here I go, to do what is before me here," with the sense that so doing was a step of faith apart from any sense of me being ready for it.

Oddly enough I have found that God's blessing has more often come when I have stepped out in that way. Not to minimize preparation beforehand, at all; that has its place. But if I think I'm completely prepared- having everything down pat, chances are there may be some trusting in myself which is not true faith in God, of course.

I think an important part of becoming more established or steady in our walk in God is the realization that it is a walk that is ever dependent on God for all that we need from him. It's a walk that presses us into a posture toward God, relational as God wants it to be with him. And also dependent on him to do the works in Jesus by the Spirit God has for us to do.

We did have an uplifting time in the word- one that spoke to me, as well as in song.

What would you like to share from your own life, or thoughts on this?


Karin said...

Good to hear that you are spending time in ministry with the seniors. There is no one more appreciative of visits, a good message, joyful singing and a time of prayer! Blessings on your ministry!

Ted M. Gossard said...

Yes. It's a needy group, sometimes down because they're not visited much by family, along with all the physical problems they are having.

Thanks for the encouraging words. By the way, my wife Deb and I attened Prairie Bible Institute in Alberta, Canada. Lovely province. I grew to love the rolling prairies, then there's of course, Banff, and Lake Louise.