Thursday, June 18, 2009

under pressure

We don't need pressure all the time. As the psalmist points out, we need those seasons of quietness and refeshing.

But it's interesting to me how I often see the Lord's hand on my life most clearly, and see the most blessing during the hard, challenging times. If I'm not pushed to the limit, I can easily end up eventually drifting, and becoming lax in my faith and walk in God.

Life inherently in this existence comes with it problems, without and within. Compounded as we seek to follow Jesus with others in mission. Jesus' life is made manifest through us in the crucible of our struggles and weaknesses. So we should never give into despair, but see all of life as an opportunity to glorify God in seeking to follow Christ through good times and bad.

What would you like to add from your own life, or thoughts, on this?


David said...

Pushed to the limit? Oh yea. Forced to reach out to God. Yep. Feeling guilty about waiting so long to do so. Of course.

But I need that quiet place with Him. Quiet places don't push, tho.

Thanks Ted.

Beautiful Intellectual said...

Like David says, the quiet places don't push. And I'm scared I'll burn out before I get time for a quite place...

Ted M. Gossard said...

Thanks! And thanks for commenting.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Beautiful Intellectual,
A common problem for us in contemporary society today, to be sure.

I think one needs to look at their lives and begin to incorporate some quiet and/or restful places during their day. Watching tv is an escape and get away for many, but really not the rest God is referring to in Psalm 23, at least not for the most part, I'd think. Not that I know your lifestyle, but we tend to be busy with entertainment along with our work. Then we also need to think in terms of longer periods of rest. Like a few days or more here and there. I'm better at the former than I am at the latter, but Deb and I immensely enjoy the latter.


The Walk said...

I think I need to be careful about this. I often confuse pressure and business. I guess that business tends to distract us from God, where as pressure has the potential to invite us to open ourselves to Him.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Yes, the Walk. I hear you! Business and busyness can really distract me. And when that happens I like nothing more than relaxing with a good book, that will help me toward God.

Thanks, and good to hear from you!