Wednesday, June 24, 2009


An area I want to grow in is prayer. Certainly that includes the prayer we have as we go along throughout each day. And I'm especially thinking about those special prayer concerns we have for others, as well as for ourselves, from time to time.

I think of those regular times when Jesus met with the Father, during his earthly life. And how I want to come to God in prayer for others, and for special situations.

I have found that to do so does seem to take sheer will power and perseverance at times. This is so because I believe faith in prayer involves a time element in God's working. And God's working often involves the one praying themselves, as well as what they are praying for. And we must not forget there is a spiritual battle taking place. One way I see this is simply the difficulty I have sustaining ongoing prayer about any matter. Along with some of the wickedness that can get thrown my way in dreams, and in subtle, and not so subtle ways, which I take as being from the enemy.

But as I persevere in praying, I often arrive at a sense that God is in it somehow, perhaps in the praying, or in what is being prayed about- likely both. Weak though my praying may be.

I do try to pray according to "the Lord's Prayer," along with my understanding of their needs and how I would pray. Bringing in that prayer that Jesus taught us helps us pray God's will into the matter, and not just our own will and concern for that person.

Any thoughts out there related to this that you'd like to share?

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Ted M. Gossard said...

I was thinking about doing a follow up post on the Holy Spirit's work and activity in our praying. That is so essential. It certainly is not just us, praying, but God in Christ through the Spirit, helping us to pray.