Saturday, June 20, 2009


L.L. Barkat has an interesting post on writing, and how on the one hand it can't be forced, but on the other hand it can. A good read, as is all of her blog. And I look forward to her second book, her first book truly a keeper.

For me writing needs to flow, and that is why at this time I don't like to figure out what I'm going to write on until I'm at the computer. Because assuredly the thoughts that come to me will be long gone by the time I get there. Of course what I do write on is related to my life, reading, and thinking.

Usually I not only do not know what I am going to write, but just how I'm going to write it. Or write at all, for that matter. So just to write most any post is a kind of discipline for me. True of this one, as I told myself I need to go to the computer and type- I know not what- for a post today.

But for us writers and creative people who have our blogs, your blog is simply an expression of who you are. Along with what you want to accomplish in your blogging.

My title sums up what I want to do: experience "Jesus community." But that experience can embrace the entire spectrum of human life, and really everything that can be considered, in light of the truth in Jesus. I enjoy sharing what is most important to me, and hearing from others the same. As well as working through theological issues. And lighter things as well, as no part of life is insignificant, really. But just as high is getting to know others, as limited as that is. Though I hope such fellowship doesn't push out, or replace getting to know others better with whom I have contact in day to day life, or on a regular basis, in person.

What about you? What thoughts do you have in how you do your blog- and goals you have in doing it? Or any other thoughts, here?


Anonymous said...

i can relate to not knowing what i am going to write most of the time, until i sit down to the blog.

almost all of my posts, even the poetry type, are all written as i am posting. and sometimes i write after i have read other posts that cause me to think.

i am not sure all of the reasons for my blog. however, i am aware of some of them. i actually think that the combination of writing, comments from others, and reading the writing of others is a good way for me to process my thoughts about a lot of things. also, it is a place that allows for positive support. i suppose that a person can only do so much relating and must pay attention to God's lead as to where and how and who. and if we pay attention to God i guess a lot of the why we relate is good.

but, i am starting to see that might be some of why it is important that we are to put God first.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Yes, we can easily get off track, but it's good to find a good track in the Lord, then remain on it.Though I'm guessing, along with life, that track can be changing. Life and relationships are fluid and dynamic for sure, not static as in fixed, cut and dried.


And for any reader here, they should go to your blog. Very creative expressions on there in words, and art.

And interesting on your experience with your husband in winemaking, now.

L.L. Barkat said...

Ted, thanks for the link. :) One of my favorite moments was when you forced that poem (yes, yes, this is a gentle nudge for more...)

Ted M. Gossard said...

Well thanks.

I still don't know how or from where that poem came. It did flow out of what had happened on that special Saturday of monastic-like (to us, anyhow) silence.

Okay. I'll have to try my hand again, at it, hopefully soon.