Friday, June 26, 2009

moving on

Life is all about change. Most change is gradual, and surrounded by routines and constants. For most of us, that is good. I know some jobs' routines are constantly variable, requiring ongoing adaptivity, flexibility, and creativity within the parameters and goals set.

Of course the story of the Bible involves change as well, all toward the kingdom of God in Christ, the new creation. The settings in Scripture one might call creation, "fall", Israel, Jesus, the church (I hope my list is representative of what N.T. Wright actually says in the book). And in the midst of it are different scenes, the scene of Jesus and his work on earth, especially in his death and resurrection, being unrepeatable ("once for all"), and foundational to what follows, and in a sense to what preceded, one might well conjecture, as well.

Sometimes there are indicators in our lives that change is needed for us, in usually small ways, though sometimes large and major. Maybe the changes are to be permanent, but maybe only temporary, until what needs to be learned, or take place is accomplished. I think of Keith Green and his story of how he became convinced as a young Christian that God wanted him to set his music aside, and he did so not knowing if he'd ever take it up again. But he did later, and we know the music in his ministry from the Lord, which followed.

I think we need to be sensitive to God's voice and that takes some quiet reflection, prayer, and waiting on God. God's goals in Jesus can be grasped by us to some extent, but not completely, since, though we are made in God's image, God is God, and therefore will always be beyond us, except by his Self-revelation to us, in Christ by the Spirit.

So I move on, this morning. Sadly, and tired. Life goes on, and I want to be ready for what the Lord has next, which actually is this brand new day in his new creation within which we live and are to move.

A kind of abstract post, but how might you identify with it, or any thoughts?

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