Sunday, April 02, 2006

hard to be like Jesus

I think of Rich Mullins' song to that effect. And so true. But to this, nothing less, we as the Jesus community, are called. Over and over again in the New Testament, we see that (example: Philippians 2:5-8; 1 Peter 2:21).

It would be nice if this new Adam thing happened to us in a garden of Eden-like atmosphere. But not so. Instead in the same world and life that Jesus lived, down here on a wonderful and fallen earth.

But really, this is to our benefit. We're to become like Jesus in his death, no less (Philippians 3:10)- and so participating in his life through his resurrection (beginning now- Romans 6). But that can only be so as we live in the same existence that he lived in. The way he made for us and in which we can now walk/live.

I think oftentimes the struggles we have are from hearing voices that water this down, or drown it out completely. Their "gospel" may be popular. But it is not the gospel Jesus preached. Not a glorified existence of this world, but an existence of the kingdom of God breaking in to this world- in Jesus, and in his community.

Father, Let us live as your Son did. In this world and in the way he has made for us, once for all. Let us become like him in his death. And so live in his life, more fully, even now. That we might be a blessing to many. As your children. Amen.

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