Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Lord has risen!

"The Lord has risen!" "The Lord has risen indeed!"

At Easter Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. This is a celebration of Jesus' victory over death, sin and the powers of the darkness of this world. It is the victory of God by which God's kingdom comes to earth, as it is in heaven.

Jesus' message was nothing less than the kingdom of God coming to earth. And ultimately bringing God's shalom (blessing, peace and prosperity) to the world. It is the hope, and more than that, the confidence that, in Jesus, God will make all things new. That all creation is to share in God's redemptive work in Jesus. That in Jesus there is nothing less than a new creation.

The Jesus community, all who put their faith in Jesus and gather together as Jesus' body in the world- is where we find the risen Lord today. What we as Jesus' community are to be about, is what our risen Lord is about, the proclamation and demonstration of the kingdom of God in Jesus. As we who have faith in Jesus are partakers of his resurrection life, so we are to breathe and carry that life, wherever we go.

Jesus' resurrection and the new creation is, in the end, the only future there is. In it is the new humanity. A new world of justice, peace and blessing.

Like Jesus was, we as the Jesus community are on mission in this world. We are God's resurrection people. To proclaim and perform the kingdom of God in Jesus. That Jesus is Lord. And his lordship brings new life and hope that will ultimately see all things made new.

Father, Thank you for the resurrection of Jesus. Thank you that we who have faith share in his resurrection- over sin, death and the powers of the darkness of this world. Thank you Jesus for now living in us. Individually and in community. And that by your life, even our mortal bodies will be raised to immortality. Thank you Spirit for your work in helping us proclaim and perform this good news to a world desperately in need of it. Let us be faithful. To the end. Knowing that you win because of the new Day, that first Easter. Amen.


john said...

hi there! Just found your easter post, great to hear from people who have Jesus in their focus. If possible, please check out my blog..

Ted Gossard said...

Thanks for stopping by, John. I will do so.

Rusty Peterman said...


Thanks for the resurrection reminder, especially it's call to live out the kingdom of God, which Jesus brought from heaven to earth and which he intends to release through us.

N8 said...

I love the idea of a "Jesus Community!"

Especially since it's backed by scripture, we are the body of Christ and on this day is when we celebrate the resurrection of His body and a reminder to be His hands and His feet in this world. Thanks, man! You can check my blog @

Ted Gossard said...

Thanks "the golden pole" for stopping by. I will stop by.