Thursday, April 13, 2006

in the Garden

In the Garden

Trembling with fear
Alone in the garden
Battle before the final war
Blood became tears
There in the garden
To fall upon the silent stones

There in the darkness the light
And the darkness stood still
Two choices, one tortured will
And there, once the choice had been made
All the world could be saved
By the One in the garden

The light of the dawn
Was seen in the garden
By gentle eyes
So sadly wise
The angels appear
They come to the garden
Clothed with sighs
They realize
The One they've adored from the start
Will be broken apart
By the ones he had come to save
So they're here
Simply now to be near
He's no longer alone,
They sit by him and moan

Michael Card

This is one of Michael Card's most beautiful and poignant songs, very moving in words and music. We get the sense, as we should, that we are stepping on holy ground here. That we need to remove our shoes (our normal activity) and meditate in silence.

Jesus' full, undiminished humanity is never more evident than here, in the Garden. He has to face this alone (his disciples were to pray for their own sake, and to watch with him, for one hour, but failed). Only he could face this issue and bring it to resolution. But it was a dark, pitched battle. Though unsullied by sin and having lived a life of complete trust in the Father- by the Spirit, Jesus struggles to the breaking point as he submits his will to the Father's will, after asking if possible that this cup would be removed.

Because of Jesus' choice made in a pitched battle in the darkness, he will walk through this dark and bloody road, for the salvation of all humankind. But only because of his choice, here.

Angels appear and strengthen him. We can only wonder what they thought. This song's words capture their love and sorrow which surely was present that night.

Jesus. Only you could go to this dark place of prostration of your soul to the Father. Only you made that choice by which we can now be yours. Let us more appreciate and bow before the mystery of what you did for us that night. And let us enter into your ongoing work, because of your death and resurrection, for the salvation of all. Amen.

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