Friday, April 28, 2006

mission and joy

When one read 2 Corinthians and Acts, one arrives to an understanding of the difficulties and trials involved when on mission as the Jesus community. And especially so for those who are set apart for the building of Christ's church in places where it has little or no roots.

There is a special setting apart for some to be involved "full time" in missional work. This involves the bringing and impact of the good news of God's kingdom in Jesus, to bear on people in need. In difficult areas, often devastated by poverty and crime, we need to be servants, serving and supporting others who are called to such places. "Third world" countries and other difficult places globally also see some who are engaged in bringing Jesus and his message of the kingdom. So as to impact people's lives and society, by seeing Jesus build his church there. And doing good to help those in need.

All of us, in a true sense, are called to be those on mission. Wherever we are. In the corporate world. In the factory. At school. In our neighborhoods. In our families. Being on mission is nothing less than a part of who we are, in Jesus. This is true individually and together, for us, as the Jesus community. It involves sharing the message of reconciliation to God in Jesus, and it includes bringing God's restoration and healing to a broken world, in many ways.

Out of the hardships and trials that come, for those who live by faith, is joy. Joy is the sense of God's blessing, grace and peace. It is not merely having "a good time", though it includes that. But it also includes difficult times. Even the worst of times. There is that deep sense of God's hand on our lives which gives us that purpose that keeps us grounded in our commitment. Not without doubts and fears and wavering in our thoughts and emotions. But always, when all that settles, there is left that abiding sense of God's peace and our purpose in him.

Lord Jesus, We are light in you, let us live, wherever we are, as children of light. Let us see your kingdom come, first in our homes, and then out from that among those around us, and to the ends of the earth. And may your joy be our strength. Amen.


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joy barker said...

amen that is an excellent piece of writing well done ted

Ted Gossard said...

Thanks Joy for the kind compliment.

joy barker said...

u r very welcome ted perhaps we should meet up to talks about other views

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In "My complete profile" on the web page you will find my e-mail. Send me an e-mail, if you like. I'd be more than willing to discuss other views.