Monday, April 17, 2006

a spirit of the age

I want to rant a little. Complain. Whatever you like.

I see among us a spirit. A spirit of the age, no less. There are many spirits that make up the totality of the spirit of the age.

A spirit that likes to criticize and marginalize. A spirit that really believes that might makes right (and God therefore must see us as right -"justify" us- since we have the might). A spirit that cuts off all who don't see eye to eye with it. A spirit that sees itself as among "the best" and on "the cutting edge". And a spirit that insists others join it, and if not, than they are out.

Do I see this spirit everywhere among us? Thank God no. In fact, though it is very strong where it is (how could it be anything but strong where it runs its course? it is a form of slavery), it seems to be at least in "germ" form in many places among us. After all it is part of the spirit of the age. The world in which we live and move and have our being. Though for us, in the Jesus community, this being should be from another place.

Jesus presents and has made for us a completely different way. The way of the lowliest servant. Taking everyone seriously and reaching out even to a Judas. It is the way of love, a love that will not let go. A love that when rejected is grieved. A love that is contrary to and unable to mix or be a part of this spirit of the age or the spirit of the age.

God, help us. Help us to live in your kingdom even down here in a world in which another kingdom holds sway. Yes, help us do so, even when such seems to have taken hold among your people. Let us be those who are really of the community of Jesus himself. Amen.

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