Tuesday, April 25, 2006


On Friday night our daughter and I attended a Michael Card concert at an area church. In it he talked about lament. He made an interesting comment, something to this effect- according to my memory and surely paraphrased: (I don't mean to be critical...- I believe he said), but in worship music today I am amazed at how quickly hearts are in God's presence to worship God. I'm sorry, I'm not there. I can't just get into that pronto (pronto, definitely not a word Michael used :). But I can always offer to God my lament.

Michael Card does have a book out on lament. I need to read it. I think he has something here.

The psalms are full of lament. And a good number are called lament psalms. Of course we have the book of Lamentations, and we have laments from Jesus himself, over Jerusalem as well as on the cross.

Giving God our lament is giving him our sorrows and pain. It is surely related to casting our cares and burdens on him, because he cares for us.

Lament is being real before God. But in that reality finding his peace, joy and presence. He is the God who is Emmanuel. He knows firsthand our sorrows and pain. He is able to help us, as we come to him.

Lord, You have blessed us. The real us. The person who is troubled and sometimes discouraged and at times even in despair. You are there for us, as one who understands. Let us keep coming to you with our troubles. Knowing you will help us through them. By your love and grace. Amen.


Desert Pilgrim said...

What a profound post. You have really touched the core of the inner life here in speaking of the importance of lament. This relates deeply of course, to the fellowship of His sufferings. It is the broken and contrite heart that finds favor in His sight, and the voice of lament is deep calling unto deep.
Thank you so much!
Desert Pilgrim.

Ted Gossard said...

Desert Pilgrim,

Thanks so much for your kind words and helpful perpective.