Sunday, April 09, 2006

he rides on to die

Perhaps my favorite of music remembering "the Holy Week" is from Michael Card and his album, Known by the Scars. The following is remembering what we remembered today in our gatherings, "Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem."
Ride On To Die

Sense the sorrow untold
As you look down the road
At the clamoring crowd drawing near
Feel the heat of the day
As you look down the way
Hear the shouts of Hosanna the King

Oh, daughter of Zion
Your time's drawing near
Don't forsake him, oh don't pass it by
On the foal of a donkey
As the prophets had said
Passing by you, he rides on to die

Come now little foal
Though you're not very old
Come and bear your first burden bravely
Walk so softly upon
All the coats and the palms
Bear the One on your back oh so gently

Midst the shouting so loud
And the joy of the crowd
There is One who is riding in silence
For he knows the ones here
Will be fleeing in fear
When their Shepherd is taken away


Soon the thorn cursed ground
Will bring forth a Crown
And this Jesus will seem to be beaten
But he'll conquer alone
Both the shroud and the stone
And the prophesies will be completed


Jesus' triumphal entry was not triumphal as the world saw it. But for a moment, we see a glimpse of the kind of triumph God brings and will bring in the coming of his kingdom in Jesus.

It is one of humility. Of lowliness being exalted to the highest place. Of fitting praise to God for the salvation in the Messiah, who is and will completely, at long last, bring in God's kingdom. It is one that is recognized and blessed by those who are child-like in faith.

It is one of Jesus' loving act of death, to bring in true life to all and to this world.

Lord Jesus. We bless you as the coming King. To you belongs all glory and honor and praise. Let our lives be about letting you and your rule hold full sway. That we might see your mercy and justice extend from your reign among us, into this world. To your eternal honor and praise. Amen.


John Frye said...

These are encouraging thoughts about Jesus' way--the way of humility and love.

Ted Gossard said...

Yes. And Michael Card is quite the poet. We were getting into some of these songs yesterday. The music matches the words well, I think.