Wednesday, August 12, 2009

first things first

Mary attended to the Lord's word, while Martha was distracted by her busy serving. It wasn't that Martha was wrong in what she was doing, but that she was distracted. And maybe she should have stopped what she was doing to attend to the Lord and his words.

This reminds me of other things we need to put first. Of course our relationship with God through Jesus. And our relationship with others as well: our spouse, our children, our friends, our relatives.

I have to admit I like nothing, or few things more than just relaxing with a book in hand. In my own world, so to speak. That's okay, and good, as long as others are not neglected in my life, as a result.

It's a joy to see people treasure relationships. After all, Jesus pointed out that love for God, and for our neighbor is to be at the heart of our existence. How that's worked out in our lives is not some set static way for us all. But it's something we need to keep at the forefront of our minds in whatever we do, and especially as we consider our lives from day to day, and from week to week.

How do you seek to do this? Or any thoughts?


Deb said...

O, that we would not allow ourselves to be distracted from spending quality time with the LORD that we ould reflect Him in our relationship with others!
Great post to reflect upon, Sweets!

Deb said...

Oops! It's to read rather-that we would reflect-...

Ted M. Gossard said...


Always good to hear from you, Honey! :)