Monday, August 24, 2009


At times we can all fail. It's like we're cornered in our minds, with no way out; we feel trapped and think there is only one response. When that's not really the case at all!

When I say something I shouldn't, which normally happens with those one loves the most- sadly, then I not only want to get forgiveness immediately, or very soon. But I also want to learn from my sin and error. Sometimes that means I have to work through something, maybe with another, and maybe just with me and God.

Such times often bump us with the reminder of what we have been neglecting as of late. Quiet times in the word and in prayer before God. Seeking to draw near to God. Though we want to avoid meltdowns, they can work to our favor as we confess our sin to God, and to the offended party, and seek to start anew in our walk in Jesus in this world.

It's always good as well to be reminded of our weaknesses, so that in God through Christ and by the Spirit we can find his strength. And good for us to find our errors, so that we can find the truth as it is in Jesus.

What thoughts might you have on meltdowns?


Anonymous said...


i'd say if someone is gonna have a meltdown, that one should have some chocolate, marshmellows, and grahmcrackers handy.

Ted M. Gossard said...

That does sound good, nAncY!