Saturday, August 08, 2009

God's care

God's care for us extends to us in so many ways in this life. We tend to focus on what might happen or what has happened, in the troubles which do beset us in a fallen world.

But with and in spite of the troubles that are inevitable, we need to see that God's goodness and love do follow us all the days of our lives, in Jesus. That God has likely kept us from much harm in ways we little know, surely at times through his ministering angels.

And we need to learn to rest in God and his care for us, bringing our every care to him. To make every effort, or struggle, paradoxically, to enter into God's rest.

We will have our moments, and maybe even hours, and for some even longer, when this seems impossible. But God will help us as we look to him in faith. He is present for us, and indeed watches over us, our coming and going both now, and forevermore, through Jesus and by the Spirit. I have found this to be so, that we can live in his peace.

How have you found this to be true in your own life? Or what might you like to say here?


nannykim said...

yup, I was getting fearful about certain things this weekend and I prayed about it and God gave me one of his God Winks ;-) / I was reading a book and there was a poem in it that directly talked about "Fearless Forever"--I posted a copy on my blog--it really meant a lot to me. I love how God can be oh so personal.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Yes. God being so personal. Rich and good. And of course we need it! He knows us all, and calls each one of us by name!