Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Screwtape Letters

We saw over the weekend a most magnificient rendition of The Screwtape Letters. A good friend of mine and brother in Jesus, Jonathan Schaefer played the role of Screwtape, and he did exceedingly well. I thought everyone did quite well, and that C.S. Lewis himself would have been pleased. Though I wouldn't want to be the one trying to adapt his book, because I'm sure he'd best know how to do it, since he wrote it.

A major challenge in watching it was to hang in there through all the darkness expressed in wanting to twist all that is good so that humans live lives separated from God. As well as the hatred. The lady who played Screwtape's sidekick, Grabslatter, with her flaming red hair, managed to keep on a most devilish, diabolical looking face. And hatred along with seeking to live lives in reverse of God's will, was at the heart of the demonic activity in seeking to destroy the life of one particular man.

While I'm one hundred times glad to have seen the play, there's no substiute for simply reading the book. This is one of the favorites from C.S. Lewis, for good reason. And it's more than just interesting, entertaining material. It speaks of life, and what is going on in our lives, especially undercover, and unknown to us, which we do well to become aware of.

Have any of your read "The Screwtape Letters", and what would you like to add here?


Crowm said...

It's been awhile for me Ted. I need to dust it off again. What a great blessing to be able to see something that might God might use for His glory!

I'm interested: Was this a community play? something at a church?

Crowm said...

I've now followed the link and apologize for the needless questions.

Ted M. Gossard said...

If people only knew just how good the presentation was. But this latest round of it, perhaps the last for now, was actually an encore. This theater has a good reputation for those who know of it, and is actually operated by Christians.

I wish all who read this could have seen it.