Monday, January 19, 2009

because it is written

Readers of this blog and surely those who know me well, know that I believe in experience along with tradition and reason, all in their rightful place. I'm struggling with a bad back (though it is on the mend, and seems especially so at the moment) and shoveling over and over the ice and snow the snow plows leave behind, and that twice- yesterday (though Deb helped me by doing it the first time, since my back pain was so bothersome then).

So I know I need to simply proceed in the way of Jesus according to what is written in God's word- in Scripture.

This means reading, listening, praying and staying in the word which is meant for us, for our lives, and involves confession of sin and all that we need in Jesus. We don't wait until we feel like it. And we don't proceed according to how we feel. But we proceed according to what is written.

The feelings will come. And they will go. But the stable life in Jesus moves on according to what is written, employing tradition (what the church has taught and teaches), reason and experience, as we look for ourselves at what is written for us both in the Old and New (Testaments) of our Bibles.

Any thoughts you'd like to add here?


Lanny said...

I always had a hard time when people spoke of experience being faulty and not trusting our feelings. Until I read something written by Tozer and realized that I was thinking of experience in a very different sense than how people spoke of it most of the time.

The article is "Three Degrees of Religious Knowledge"

Anonymous said...

i am dealing with a back problem today as well, it came upon me two and a half days ago.

lower back, not much sleep, not getting much done.

i hope you get a break from the snow soon and that your back feels better.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Sounds very good, as Tozer can be. And yes, experience has it's place, and it's an important place, but must be in its place.

Ted M. Gossard said...

I hope your back is better soon. A miserable day for me yesterday at work. But Ibuprofen seems to be helping me out right now, so I'm in hope of a better day there. But we're supposed to be getting more snow in what could end up being another record breaking year (two years in a row, here!).