Saturday, January 31, 2009


Humility involves a proper estimation of ourselves before God and before others. And it involves accepting and embracing the gift God has given us in Jesus, and going on. No matter what others might be doing. Yet in harmony with what others are doing.

I received a good dose of humility last night, as I listened with mostly rapt attention to a brilliant seminary professor on historical theology. I was kind of lost in awe and appreciation, not hardly knowing how to converse with him as this was in a field that I little know, yet so much appreciate (I mean the area he was explaining in reference to his field of study, and even outside of that). I hope it was a good time to unwind for him, and it was a nice visit Deb and I had with him and his gracious wife, as well as their youngest son, who was present.

Humility in Jesus means I accept with joy all the special gifts and places God has for his people. And that I refuse to compare myself to them. Except that I endeavor to learn from their lives what I can take for my own life and growth in Jesus. By that measure, even though I often felt rather lost, and outside my element, it was a splendid time.

And I'm reminded to just get back to first things: a devotion to God through Christ, continuing in God's word/Scripture to see it come alive in my life, and simply doing what God has for me to do- as simple as it seems, and is. So it was a good night for Deb and I. And I shouldn't fail to mention: Deb beat me in just our second game of Super Scrabble Deluxe. If you like Scrabble, you'll probably like this edition even better.

How has humility come alive in your life recently? Or any thoughts.


Lanny said...

Amen, there ought not to be any coveting of one another's lives eh? But we are constantly tempted with that sin, (looking at and wishing for a life given to someone else). That darn grass, that darn fence! We are told (lied to) that it is how we "make something of ourselves"

You are right, all that wishing that our lives had a different turn makes us loose precious time praising God for the others in our lives.

Had a similar thought on Thursday watching "Queen" (the movie about the weeks following Diana's death). Here was someone who's life definately could not be mine, she is who she is because of birth. There can be only one queen. No matter how much a person tries they cannot be the queen (or king).
We really cannot be whatever we want to be no matter how much we "apply ourselves". We can only be who God called us to be. But we can be better at who He has called us to be, one way is to stop looking over the fence and wanting what He has planted on someone else side.

Hey, at least your smart enough to play scrabble. I don't even bother to attempt it anymore.

Every Square Inch said...

Ted - I like your definition of humility - a proper assessment of ourselves - a sober judgment.

At times, it seems like the longer we've been Christians, the better we are at masking pride in our lives...we demonstrate false humility...a false modesty

You know what unmasks our false humility or our lack of humility? Trials - they test us and root out of us any hint of self centeredness.

Would love your thoughts on this

Anonymous said...

oh, i see the ssd game has raised edges on the board, more tiles, and it turns! it says on the web page that it takes longer to play because of more tiles... is that true?

i like your words on humility on Jesus. and thanks for pointing the way to first things in Him.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Amen. Good words. Smart enough to play Scrabble? And you're not? Come on. You're a person who seems much at home with words. I'm not a great player in Scrabble, nor do I care to be (that would take way too much work; go to a Scrabble dictionary even online and just look up all the two or three letter words!). You are probably just as good as I am in it, and probably a word or two better!

Ted M. Gossard said...

Yes, trials help sober us out of a false intoxication over ourselves. And even attacks from the enemy, once we get God's grace and help, can be used by God to give us better perpsective (of course Job is a huge case in point in that).

I don't think probably enough on whether I'm humble enough or not. I find it interesting that I don't mind being in the background and that seems more the case as I get older. Yet if I think my gift is being somehow ignored or unappreciated, then I can be unhappy. But better for me to simply get in and do what part I can, rather than wish for this and that which may never come, and may not be fitting anyhow.

Yet it is good to think about how better our gifts might be used to bring more glory to the Lord, and more help to others.

But I think of greatness in Jesus' words, and realize that those who are great now may be last now. Hopefully I can imbibe and live out that spirit more, in a life of prayer and loving acts to others. While using the gift I have.

Ted M. Gossard said...

It's not on a turntable, and maybe that's better. It's just a raised grid fixed well into it, which makes it relatively easy to turn on a solid surface. And the grids are great. Where it bends makes it a little shaky for the tiles, but actually I think it works fine.

So far I think it makes a good/great game better.