Tuesday, January 13, 2009

the tenacity of faith

Faith must end up being tenacious, and this is especially needed at certain points in our journey. There will always be seemingly insurmountable problems along the way. These can take numerous forms, though often they are the same kind of struggles common to us as individuals in our different makeup and variables.

Faith in God through Jesus by the Spirit, and in community, the community of God in Jesus, will find a way. This can take time and certainly effort on our part. And at times, simply waiting on and trusting in God. We need to become more and more aware of God's revealed will given to us from Scripture in Christ. How this unfolds will be beyond us, indeed it is "a God-thing." But it will, if we in faith hold on in one way or another.

This is particularly evident to me lately. And this is a faith not just to see us through, although that's important so that we'll continue on in our faith, in the faith. But it's a faith that in that continuing, will help grow us up together into conformity to God's will in Jesus. Towards being like Jesus. Certainly again beyond us, but a big part of the work that God does here on earth. That others may see Jesus through us, God's people.

What would you like to add here?


Lanny said...

It is absolutely amazing how it all unfolds like you say, "a God thing" when we grab hold of God and don't let go for the world. Kinda like a pit bull after God is what we gotta be.

Hey, on that experience part in the earlier post just read a little something Tozer wrote on that very thing. Puts a different spin on the concept of "experience." Title of the article is "Three Degrees of Religious Knowledge"

word verification - brryto sounds like you all are experiencing a little brr-yto lately!

Anonymous said...

These things happened so that the scripture would be fulfilled:

"Not one of his bones will be broken,"


"principle," properly "a thing held (to be true)," 1413, from L. tenet "he holds," third person singular present indicative of tenere "to hold, to keep, to maintain" from PIE base *ten- "to stretch" (cf. Skt. tantram "loom," tanoti "stretches, lasts;" Pers. tar "string;" Lith. tankus "compact," i.e. "tightened;" Gk. teinein "to stretch," tasis "a stretching, tension," tenos "sinew," tetanos "stiff, rigid," tonos "string," hence "sound, pitch;" L. tendere "to stretch," tenuis "thin, rare, fine;" O.C.S. tento "cord;" O.E. thynne "thin").

Connection notion between "stretch" and "hold" is "to cause to maintain."

Every Square Inch said...

Faith isn't always easy - it's a gift but we also have to fight for it, to battle unbelief and to hold on when we are at our weakest. Yes - we must be tenacious in faith

Ted M. Gossard said...

Yes, I think now of just a state one is in when they're overcome more or less and down and nearly out. But then something happens after a time where a surge has been coming in, inwardly, and there is a renewal in mind, heart, will, body- to get up and get at it. Of course that takes many forms and dispositions. And how it works is quite a mystery, really. A "God-thing," to be sure.

Tozer article sounds very good. I'll have to look it up when I have time.

Ted M. Gossard said...

What comes to mind when I read what you share is God's end of things. We have our responsibility and we know God will always uphold God's end of things. God will keep his word. We must go on, committing all into his hands, even as Jesus did to the end.

Ted M. Gossard said...

So very true. I'm glad there are different seasons in our lives. That all are not filled with the struggles. That there is rest. But wonderfully all does work out for good for us, another thing beyond our understanding because it's of God.