Saturday, January 17, 2009

a great blog

I would like to give highest recommendation to a blog of one whom I am privileged to be acquainted with, and a friend, and fellow worker at RBC Ministries. Entitled The Wonder of Creation. Dean Ohlman is an amateur naturalist, intellectual and really just a great guy. I wish they would have him speak in our weekly chapel, because the one time he spoke years ago on simplicity, is still etched in my mind. This blog is a part of the ministry there.

If you love creation, if you are not afraid of reading fully the two books of God- Creation/Nature and Scripture, if you love beauty and want to enjoy it firsthand for yourself, if you believe we are stewards and therefore have a responsibility from God for this earth, and if you want to learn to grow in your love and appreciation of God's good world, this is a wonderful place to stop. Dean regularly gives us thoughts worth chewing on and living out, along with some breathtaking and interesting photos.

On this posting this week, Dean talked about the sun pilllars, something I saw on the way home the day before. Along with other beauties and curiosities surrounding that morning.

Give this blog a look, and leave a comment if you are so inclined.

Any day I'd sit under Dean and learn all I could. And I'd best put into practice what he says in ending every posting:

"See you outdoors!"


Mama K said...

Wow! That IS a great blog! And full of great links! I want to follow it, but can't yet figure out if there's a way. Meanwhile, as a homeschooling mom, I plan to use that as a good science resource. My kids love nature, and I think they'll enjoy reading this blog and visiting the links for more information. Thanks for sharing it!

Every Square Inch said...

Too many of us fail to see God's fingerprints in the commonplace beauty of creation...I know I do. We're too busy scurrying around trying to get on with our busy lives.

Anonymous said...

i am going to check it out now.

Lanny said...

He does have a great blog, its on my reader.

Odysseus said...

Great blog! Thank you.