Saturday, July 25, 2009

an attentive, sustained silence

I've blogged on silence before, something I need, and so often lack. It is normal for me to be occupied with something. Rarely really am I completely quiet.

But I'm realizing again I need to make times for such quiet. Such quiet times are always blessed in one way or another, but they seem so contrary to nature, at least to my nature. Even during "quiet times" I want to be speaking words to God, or to have words from God's word pouring over me. But sometimes we need one thing: a kind of attentive, sustained silence.

We endeavor to be quiet so we can hear God speak. So that we can listen. We develop a habit of disciplined silence. I must say I'm not there. And it most certainly is a personal discipline for me to keep silent. And if it's hard for me to do, then perhaps that's an indicator that I need to do it. An itch to be silent amidst the clutter and clatter of all the "noise" can be an indicator that one needs it.

I wonder if anyone might want to share how being quiet and remaining in silence has helped you.


nAncY said...

i think i will just be silent on this one.

nAncY said...

you might like this one

Diane said...


Great comment!

I have found silence transformative, but it takes time. And I still talk too much.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Yes. Thanks for sharing that link. Quite good!

And yes, I too may have done well just to be silent here as well. :)

Ted M. Gossard said...


I hear you on that. We readers and (in my case, aspiring) writers do tend to talk too much. At least part of the time I most certainly can, and I most certainly slip easily into that.