Wednesday, July 29, 2009

the Lord's help

It's always good to have a sense of the Lord's help. This has often happened to me before an unanticipated time when I would be asked to do something in the way of ministry, and just happened again for me.

It does leave one asking though why it is that often that sense of help beforehand is lacking. However at the end of many such times I can look back and sense that the Lord was present even if I did not know it then. Other times I just have to go on by faith, reminded often by my wife that God was indeed in it.

We don't always understand nor do we know exactly what is going on around us, though we can take by faith all that God has promised us in Jesus. We can be assured that God's good work will be completed in and even through us, as we endeavor to truly be both servants and friends of Jesus.

Simple, yet profound and powerful. Beyond us, but given to us in Jesus by the Spirit and in community for the world.

What might you like to share from your own life on this, or any thoughts?


nannykim said...

Yeah, I would like to do and be more like Brother Lawrence as he wrote "Practicing the Presence of God". I really want that!

nAncY said...

it is always a good moment when i can sense the presence of the Lord in such a way.

fyi, got the book in the mail.

Ted M. Gossard said...

I was reading about him I think from Scot's book, "Jesus Creed". Quite interesting, and I agree.

Ted M. Gossard said...



And good to hear! I look forward to us thinking together on it.