Friday, July 24, 2009

a new start

Of course we don't want our car's gas tank to get on empty, but if it does, then we're stopped dead in our tracks. Sometimes in our lives we can find ourselves seeming to be on empty. Yes, we carry on, but something seems either wrong, or that we're lacking something.

Inadequate rest, or diet might be the problem. Or some needed change in one's life. I'm thinking in terms of getting back to basics, and this book is as good as any I know to help us do that.

I have to think that often the Apostle Paul felt this way. Paradoxically Christ's strength came to the fore in his life in the midst of his weaknesses. Paul was definitely not full of himself. It was a "not I, but Christ" kind of existence for Paul.

Whatever the reason may be, I just sense the need for a fresh and new start. But one not done on my own, but from God. This is what I will be endeavoring to do as I can during the next few days.

Any thoughts you'd like to share on this?


nancy said...

fill er up

Ted M. Gossard said...

Yes, Nancy. The Lord is faithful!

Lanny said...

You have to think Paul felt what way exactly?

Ted M. Gossard said...


I thought it was a statement at first, but it may be a question.

Yes and no. That doesn't explain Paul entirely, for sure. But it does seem to be expressed in his words from 2 Corinthians. His strength was from God, and was in the midst of his weaknesses, a kind of strange mix, especially so in the world's eyes, and in the young believers' eyes there at Corinth.