Thursday, July 09, 2009

proud Christians

I am blessed to be part of a church and fellowship in which our differences don't matter. Our fellowship is in God through Jesus Christ by the Spirit. Our foundation is God himself. Our guide and what is central in our endeavors is God's word, and the desire to walk in the light it gives.

I am tired of Christians who regularly make it a point to point out where they differ with other Chrisians. Or how other Christians or churches fall short. Of course some of this is inevitable in that we do have differences we can discuss, and sometimes there are teachings, and practices that need to be confronted among professing Christians.

But I am thinking of Christians who regularly voice their differences with other Christians, looking down on them. We must resist this, while still willing to be held accountable by each other on the basis of God's word.

A proud Christian is an oxymoron. Not that nasty, ugly pride never flairs up in me, or that I don't have to battle it. But it is something to be abhorred.

Paul was regularly right, and his opponents wrong, but his only boast was in the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ. God will help us all in Jesus for that more and more to be our own testimony as well, as we follow on.

What thoughts would you like to share on this?


Crowm said...

Great thoughts Ted!

I was reminded of the 17th chapter of John. Somehow, I can almost hear a passion from Jesus that we don't fully understand - especially in regards to unity.

Although I understand the need for different "flavors" of Christianity, when ecumenism takes a backseat to anyone's pride, surely it grieves God.

Ted M. Gossard said...


I dislike posts like this one, but sometimes hard things need to be said.

Well stated, too, and thanks!

Lanny said...

So I tossed a question out to a group of my friends the other day... I understand God is pleased with Himself and His creation, the word says that, but does the word say that He is proud? I think pride has snuck in the acceptable door with us and taken up a permanant seat.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Yes. I agree.

Humility is a proper assessment of oneself, and God certainly is not proud, but reveals something of the greatness of who he is, but in that revelation we are shown our proper identity and value as well. And it's "very good"!