Monday, July 27, 2009

keeping our footing

One of Deb and my favorite pastimes together is to hike on trails in scenic areas. Even simply walking down our sidewalks is something we enjoy.

Scripture likens the Christian life to a walk. There are a numerous settings for this.

We learn early on that we can easily lose our footing, and stumble and fall. And that sometimes it's hard to get up and get going again.

It is interesting that the Christian life is likened to a walk; it's something we do. But it's done with our eyes on God's revelation given to us from Scripture and in Jesus, and with an ongoing, interactive dependence on God: Father, Son and Spirit.

It's also a walk with others in Jesus. We are not meant to do it alone, even though there are those lonely places. We need each other, part of God's design, and will continue to be true though in a different way, someday, when God is "all in all."

A walk.

How do you picture your life as a walk? What would you like to share here?


nAncY said...

i guess if it is a walk, then it is more like being a tourist with a tour group and God being the tour guide,

mountain climbing with a group of climbers and an expert climbing guide, part of an expedition through the jungle with a leader, on a safari with a group and a safari guide, and..well, you know what i mean.

Ted M. Gossard said...

I pick up adventure in your words, nAncY. That's indeed part of it, as we trust God through it. Keeps us on the edge, but also dependent on God, and interdependent on each other!

Lanny said...

Yes, we are called to do this "walk" with others. For others certainly can correct, help and guide us back when we are taking a wrong trail. However when the corrections come from someplace other than God through His chosen messenger then the whole bunch of us appear to be off course. That is why we are emphatically challenged in the word to test the spirit.

Ted M. Gossard said...


Yes, we have to test the spirits all the time, especially from any message alleged to be from God.

I am of the persuasion that God does want to speak today directly through other Christians, called "prophecy." But all must be tested, even then. And especially so when we hear the voice of the world calling on us in ways that are not of the way in Jesus.

I like your emphasis in your comment about us being together in this, because that is certainly God's design for his people in community in Jesus.