Tuesday, July 07, 2009

it's not about us

Too often as God's people we fall into the same mistake as Israel of old. They turned all of God's promises in on themselves. It was all about God blessing them, when God was blessing them, according to the promise made to Abraham, in order that he might bless the world. They were actually to be a blessing to the world!

We are blessed by God in Christ, to be a blessing to others. It's not about us, or what we get out of it. Yes, we do receive salvation through Jesus Christ, but it's a salvation that is meant to save us from ourselves. For God, and for others.

That is surely where we find life, true and abundant life. And no where else! I have to keep being reminded of that, reminding myself. I forget easily, as I'm naturally attuned to looking out for myself, and seeing everything in terms of my own interests, rather than my Father's interests. And God's interests ends up being the true, lasting good for everyone.

What might you add here?


nannykim said...

This reminds me of something Dusty Chris shared --it is a spoof on this them:

Anonymous said...

there are a handfull of people that i would like to stay in touch with from my two years of blogging.

i count you in that handfull.

if you are up to corresponding now and again by email or old fashioned letters, let me know.


Ted M. Gossard said...

Interesting video.

Yes, we just need to get the vision of the New Testament on church, that we're in this together, and it's missional, for the world.

Really, ABC stuff, but just like the video is pointing out, we often miss it.


Ted M. Gossard said...

Thanks, nAncY.

Let's keep in touch. Will miss you in blogging though!



Lanny said...

With thirty-one of your posts to catch up on and seven hundred others on my Reader, I cannot dally too long but I really must stop here and shout out an amen! Now I will continue to read on up.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Thanks. Good to hear your voice again!