Friday, September 25, 2009


We all need sleep and though only some of us are morning people- me included, when we do come around we are renewed and refreshed. Sometimes we need a jolt in life to wake us up. Maybe waking us up to a need we have, or challenging us to grow in an area.

I shrink from being exposed, even if only to myself (at least in my mind), yet such exposure can bring new awakenings of both my own need and God's good provision for us in Jesus by the Spirit and in community (of his people) and for the world as a witness.

Of course God's word can awaken us as we meditate on it, and then pray to God concerning it. Life itself, as already intimated here, will do the same. We need to listen well to our lives and what God may be saying through them even to us, as Frederick Buechner, I believe has said. If we find something wrong we can bring it to God in prayer, and also look for God's voice to us through the word and life, including others, on it.

This does take an openness and indeed eagerness on our part to want to go on in Jesus and grow up in him, and not just by ourselves, but with others in Jesus, and for the world as a witness.

May I have the sensitivity to hear God in new areas of my life that need his redemptive touch, healing and transformation.

What would you like to add to this?


Anonymous said...

i was just thinking this morning how i can go through life on auto pilot. not really thinking or looking or seeing the possibilities. in Jesus, there are many possibilities.

Deo volente, i shall see and hear Jesus leading me.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Nice for me to learn that Latin phrase. Yes, we can be taken off guard because we simply are not ready as we should be. Good point!