Monday, September 07, 2009

Scot McKnight on what is coming next for the church

On these two videos, I found Scot McKnight's words quite interesting, and particularly toward the end of the last video. In answer to a question he mentioned how the trend in churches he guesses, will be a democratization, with "lay people" being much more involved in ministry and decision making. But then he added that after a time people will become burned out with all the responsibility and difficulties that come with that, and that there will be a return to trust in church leadership, as the people continue to focus on the callings they have within that. He also mentioned that the church has worked in much the same way over the centuries, with trust in their leadership.

I found that helpful, and even refreshing. Maybe it's partly my age, but I am content to let the leaders lead, and especially those in pastor/elder positions. We each have our work to do. While it's good for all to have their say, I don't think a church should be led by a strict congregational democratic process. Of course wise leadership will want to take into account what the congregation thinks, or where they are in their faith and understanding. I am leary, however, of a one man (or woman, for that matter) pastoral rule. So that what one leader says, goes. There ought to be a multiplicity of leaders, at least two or three elders.

What do you think?


Dave J. said...

What a tough question. Ultimately, democratization (i.e. committees) in church dilutes responsibility and leadership. And volunteer-ism also dilutes commitment.

Interesting thought... what if you took the name of your blog and applied it instead of the word committee.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Dave J.,
Interesting thought. Community means we are living together as God intended, or that's the ideal or purpose of community, I would take it.

It ends up being a question not of majority or a certain percentage ruling, but of each part fulfilling their calling from God, and this ending up being harmonious as more like in a symphony.

Pastors I take as having a kind of servant-leadership role in which they watch over and help God's people fulfill each one of our roles. A bigger job than they can do, but by the Spirit, God ends up doing it through them.

Just thinking out loud over here.