Thursday, September 10, 2009

following Jesus in his way

It's one thing to teach correctly, but it's quite another thing to live it out over time. Jesus' words to his disciples were powerful, penetrating, and life changing. But without Jesus' life, they would have made no difference at all. His disciples remembered his words, but it was more than just words they needed to learn from the Master. This is a remarkable posting (and if you have some extra time, read the links) from Lois Tverberg, whose book, Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus, we're going to start an interactive study from, Wednesday, September 22. An excellent book with life changing truth. So I'd encourage you to get hold of a copy of Lois' book.

Living is a way of life. Of course that would seem to go without saying. There are many ways, however. The Jesus way is one we can learn from others. But we must pick up something of their spirit, something that maybe we are hard pressed to explain or describe, but that is real, nonetheless. We must live out by faith the Jesus life, so that others might see and follow Jesus. This doesn't mean we can ever think we've arrived. Though we may be trying to live this out before others, we need to find those we can watch, at least knowing that we're to ever grow toward maturity in Christ. And we're to do this together. So that we can appreciate seeing Jesus even in a young convert who is still an infant, feeding on the milk of the word.

What would you like to say about passing on the Jesus life to others?


sisterjan said...

I have just discovered your blogs which I find inspiring and encouraging.
I have read the book, Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus. How do I sign up for the interactive study?

Ted M. Gossard said...

Thanks, Sister Jan.

I'll let you know very soon. I've read the book (more than once) myself, and am kicking around in my head two options. I'm leaning toward a study Zondervan produced and which Lois Tverberg thought was well done by them.

Thanks again for your kind words.