Wednesday, September 02, 2009

knowing our weaknesses

As we go through life, we become all too aware of certain weaknesses we have. "Besetting sins" is the old word, taken from Hebrews 12. It probably is referring to sin in general in that passsage. To understand our problem- indeed our sin- is important, if we're to confess it to God, and find God's deliverance for us from it.

For me one problem has been to overreact. I'm so thankful that I understand this well, and that overreacting is much weaker in me now. Just the same I have to be on my guard to avoid overreacting when bad news or discouraging thoughts come.

For all of us accountability is important, and especially so for anyone caught in sinful addictive behaviors. All the time God is working to break us free from anything big or little which we run to for our god to give us pleasure, soothe us, help us make it through the day. I'd be wary of calling cigarette smoking or the like a sin, though it certainly soon becomes a physical addiction. Aren't we all thankful, too, for God's ongoing grace in our lives!

It's wonderful to know that someday we in Jesus will be completely conformed to his image. And it is also wonderful to know that we're in the process of being so conformed, here and now.

What thoughts from your own life would you like to add here? Or what would you like to say?


nannykim said...

I think too when we know our weaknesses we know those chinks that Satan can try to penetrate through--and that is important.

It is also our sin that shows us our total dependence on God and our interdependence on fellow Christians. Cool how God even uses our sin for GooooooooD!

Ted M. Gossard said...

Yes. Amazing paradox. How after sin God's children can end up becoming closer to God. Though sadly the opposite can occur as well.